Artistic director


Born in Cosenza, Italy
Actor, coreographer, dancer, theater director.

Cesare is well-known as a great tap dancer. He has made tap dance popular in his country through the show he created, called “Tip Tap Show” that has been performed in important theaters in Italy since 1995 (Teatro Sistina in Rome, Teatro Brancaccio in Rome,TeatroValle in Rome,Teatro Carcano in Milan).
He performed with Darren Criss, Pietro Garinei, Gino Landi, Alice ed Hellen Kessler and recently wih the Oscar winner director Barry Morrow in the movie “Smitten”.
Coreographer and performer for Jerome Savary in the show “Irma la dolce”.
In New York he directed and performed in a show he created, called “What?”. He then brought this show in Rome, Italy thanks to the American Embassy in Rome.
“Swing and Tomato” is a new show in which Cesare performes and cooks.
This show has been performed at the Café De La Danse in Paris and later at the Eccetera Eccetera Theatre in Broadway, New York.
Cesare directed the Garinei & Giovannini “Ciao, Rudy”, after 40 years from its debut.
Solo dancer in the show “The Mikado” at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice. He created and still directs the musical theater school LIM in Rome. He is a phenomenal tap dance teacher at the school IALS in Rome.
He also taught in the following schools:
Studio Armony in Paris, Studio Massaro in Paris,West Finland College in Huttinen, Roma Rio Dance in Rio de Janeiro, Academia do Tap Ipanema Rio De Janeiro.